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Phil Bashford / Audio Engineer


Starting as a guitarist and continuing as an Engineer, Phil has working within the music industry for the entirely of his professional life. Recording, mixing, mastering and producing music from across all genres ranging from acoustic and pop/rock to his normal clientele of Punk, Hardcore and Metal.


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When not in the studio Phil is also active in the live circuit and works within the Hardcore and Death Metal scenes as a Front of House Sound Engineer and Tour Manager.

As a working freelancer working in various studios from bedroom setups to some more well established spaces Phil thought it was time to start noting down some of his findings and hacks learnt over the years with a blog covering frank and open discussions with other engineers / musicians, and real world reviews on kit of all shape and sizes.


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Full Day (8 hrs) - £180
Per Hour (2hr minimum) - £30 p/h


Wanna record and EP/LP or just lay down some vocals? Flexible Rates available to suit the project.


I can take your raw tracks that have been tracked in a studio or at home and finalise your material with the production style of your choosing.


I can take your mix and add the final layer of polish and professional sheen to a commerical level.


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                          Phil Bashford / Audio Engineer